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Pixie Cuts for Men: Are There Male Pixie Haircuts? Do Men Like Them?

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Is a pixie cut androgynous (for both men and women) or is it only for women? How popular is a pixie cut among men? Could there be specific styling for a pixie cut to make it look masculine and hence suitable for men?

What Is a Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is a great and very popular short hairstyle primarily for the female gender. In fact, it is the default hairstyle a woman will get if she asks for a short hairstyle without stating the exact style.

male pixie cuts, pixie cuts for men
Pixie cuts for men

A pixie cut is characterized by layers that are cropped so as to appear slightly tousled. Typically, the hair is cut shorter at the sides and back but slightly longer at the top of the head. It usually includes short bangs. 

Can a Man Get a Pixie Cut?

Yes. A pixie haircut looks great in men, just as it does in women. It is particularly stunning in young, clean-cut men with curly hair. Men who wear it definitely like it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother having it.

Men Pixie Cut (Image 1)

However, pixie haircuts are not very popular among men. This is evident by the fact that only a handful of men embrace it. Obviously, most men consider a pixie cut a feminine hairstyle and do not want to identify with femininity.

Surprisingly, a pixie cut was originally a male style of haircut. However, it was slowly and steadily adopted by fashionable women. Eventually, the haircut became almost entirely a female hairstyle.

Can a Pixie Cut Be Styled to Look Masculine?

A pixie cut is not a very rigid hairstyle. It can be styled in many different ways without changing its fundamental features.

For example, a pixie cut may have relatively longer or shorter bangs. The bangs can be parted with a middle part or a side part. Furthermore, the length of the hair can be slightly adjusted to get the desired look.

Therefore, a good hairstylist should be able to give it at least some masculine look with some subtle customization. This will make men who love this haircut look striking. Besides, they will be more confident with their desired haircut.

Pictures of Men with Pixie Cuts

Here are some images of men with cute pixie cuts. The cuts are styled with different tweaks to suit their face types or just their own liking.

These images show that curly hair makes the pixie haircut in men look as gorgeous just as it does in women. Hence, a pixie haircut may not suit all men, especially those with straight hair.

However, if you still really want to get a pixie cut even though you don’t have curly hair, do not be discouraged. Your hairstylist will just need to texture your hair to give it a curly appearance before giving you the pixie cut.

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